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PDA Leaflets

The PDA produces a range of leaflets relating to potash and its use. These clear and informative publications can be viewed on-line and downloaded as PDF files. If you would to receive a copy of a leaflet then contact us and let us know your details and the leaflet you are interested in.

8. Introduction to Potash use

June 2019

Potash is an essential nutrient for all crops, grassland and livestock. Maintaining soil fertility to produce economically viable yields requires the appropriate use of all plant nutrients, of which one of the most important is potassium.

Leaflet 20 - Biosolids and the Need for Potash

20. Biosolids and the need for Potash

March 2020

Biosolids (sewage sludges) provide useful contributions of nitrogen and phosphate but virtually no potash. Typical contents of biosolids are given together with recommendations for balancing K requirements.

23. Potash for organic growers

September 2019

Explains the principles of manuring for organic and conventional systems and the regulations affecting the use of different potash products.

24. Soil analysis: key to nutrient management planning

November 2011

Comprehensive guide to soil sampling and interpretation of soil results including indispensable reference material not found in any other single source.

25. What you should know about fertilisers

July 2016

Provides a layman’s description of plant foods and explains the natural origins of potash and justification for its use as a fertiliser in simplistic terms.

PDA Leaflet 29: Potash and the environment

29. Potash and the Environment

November 2019

The use of potash does not have an environmental downside, but lack of K can reduce efficient plant uptake of N and P. This leaflet looks at the issues including cross-compliance and good practice.

Nutrients in crop material

March 2020

Phosphate and Potash removal by crops.

Organic Materials

May 2017

Animal manures and other sources of Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur.

Potassium – a Nutrient Essential for Life

June 2012

Potassium is one of the key elements for life on earth. It is required in large quantities by all plants and animals and is obtained by plants from the soil in which they grow.

Understanding potassium and its use in agriculture

June 2003

The book provides vital and clear reference material on the role of potassium in plants, animals and humans, its origins in nature, its uses to mankind, its importance and correct use in agriculture, its movement in air, water and soil, and its place in manures and fertilisers.

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