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PDA Leaflets: Grass and Forage

5b. Results from Grass Demonstration Plots

December 2004

Demonstrating the effect of different levels of potash fertiliser on yield, herbage content and soil fertility.

6. Potash, Magnesium & Sodium – Fertilisers for Grass

December 2023

Reviews the interaction of these nutrients in fertilisers, soil and herbage and how this affects mineral balance in the animal. Provides the facts regarding the impact of fertiliser potash on grass staggers.

14. Potash for grassland for silage and grazing

June 2020

Full details of the functions, responses, uptake, removal and deficiency symptoms of potash for grass. Explanation of luxury uptake and the effect on mineral balance in herbage. Potash in manures. Recommended amounts and timing of fertiliser for re-seeding, grazing and cutting.

16. Fodder beet – fertiliser requirements

May 2018

Provides a complete guide to the fertiliser requirements of this crop which has the potential to produce the highest digestible yield of any forage crop.

PDA Leaflet 17 Maize Fertiliser Requirements

17. Forage maize – fertiliser requirements

July 2023

Unravels frequent misunderstandings about the nutrient requirement of forage maize. Provides clear, practical guidelines on the best form of nutrients, optimum amounts and correct timings.

26. Nutrient requirements of forage crops

May 2005

Reports on the yield potential of six different forage crops and their nutrient uptake and removal requirements.

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