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Potash Leaflets: Arable

5a. Results from Wheat Demonstration Plots

December 2004

Demonstrating the effect of different levels of potash fertiliser on grain yield and quality and soil fertility.

11. Potash for cereals

January 2011

Full details of the functions, responses, uptake, removal and deficiency symptoms of potash in cereal crops. Recommended amounts and timing for different situations.

12. Potash for sugar beet

May 2006

Potash and sodium needs of sugar beet together with a list of typical contents of different fertiliser materials. Recommended amounts and timing for different situations.

Oilseed Rape and Potash

13. Oilseed rape and potash

May 2006

Requirements of potash for oilseed rape including recommendations and timing of application.

15. Potash for potatoes

November 2007

Influence of different forms and timing of potash on potato yield and quality. Recommendations for earlies, canners, maincrop and seed potato crops.

PDA Leaflet 18: Potash and Sulphur for Grain Legumes

18. Potash and Sulphur for Grain Legumes

December 2020

Summarises new research findings on the potash needs of beans, peas and other grain legumes which provide important new information for anyone growing these pulse crops.

22. NK Arable Top Dressing

April 2018

Reviews the pattern of nutrient uptake and removal by arable crops and details the practical approach for optimum timing of potash application.