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Nutrient Management Guide (RB209)

May 2017

AHDB have just launched a full revision of the 2010 Fertiliser Manual (RB209), which is now called the “Nutrient Management Guide (RB209)”. It can be viewed or downloaded to your computer from the AHDB website, or to your mobile device as an App. Hard copies can be requested by e-mail from AHDB. It is supplied free of charge.

AHDB took over responsibility for The Fertiliser Manual (RB209) from Defra in 2015 and the revising process has been undertaken over these last 2 years. Fresh trials data and a wider range of crops and organic materials have been included in this major update.

The new format comprises 7 separate sections:-

  1. Principles of Nutrient Management,
  2. Organic Materials,
  3. Grass & Forage Crops,
  4. Arable Crops,
  5. Potatoes,
  6. Veg & Bulbs,
  7. Fruit Vines & Hops

It is expected that everyone will want to use Section 1 (Principles) and Section 2 (Organic Materials) along with those of the other sections that are relevant to their farm/advisory business.